I Wonder Why? - Early Years

Available at both Melbourne and Cranbourne Gardens

Explore the wonders of the natural world by observing plant features up close, posing questions and learning how nature can inspire ideas for design.

In this nature-based STEM learning program, children practice the foundational skills of the emerging discipline of biomimicry. What is Biomimicry? They practice observational skills on a discovery walk, classify and sort materials from the natural world, inquire and design.

Students will

  • Observe natural features.

  • Classify and Sort natural objects.

  • Apply observations in a nature-inspired design challenge. 

Key focuses

  • Scientific observation and inquiry.

  • Plant features.

  • Nature inspired design.

  • Hands on learning and sharing ideas. 

Curriculum Links

  • Level F-2 Integrated STEM, Mathematics, Design & Technologies, Critical and Creative Thinking and Science.