Health and Wellbeing in Nature

Available at both Melbourne and Cranbourne Gardens

Explore the physical, mental and emotional benefits of nature and spending time outdoors.

Through a playful exploration of gardens, students will be encouraged to see themselves as part of the natural world and consider how being in nature can contribute to positive emotional and physical wellbeing. They will learn how to practice mindfulness and nurture greater awareness of their self and others as they experience the effect of tuning in to nature.

Students will

  • Discover healing benefits of plants
  • Learn activities to improve wellbeing through gentle introspection and nature connection
  • Discuss how different activities (such as using electronic devices) can impact emotions

Key focuses

  • Fostering healthy habits, mindfulness and feelings of wellbeing
  • Importance of time spent in nature for physical and emotional wellbeing
  • Awareness of ourselves, others and the natural world

Curriculum Links

  • Level F-6 Health and Physical Education
  • Level F-2 Health and Physical Education
  • Level 3-4 Health and Physical Education
  • Level 5-6 Health and Physical Education