Designed by Nature

Available at both Melbourne and Cranbourne Gardens

Designed by Nature (3–6)

Learn how nature can be used for design inspiration and problem-solving through STEM and biomimicry. 

Students will observe the tried and tested biological strategies and patterns of nature and design their own nature-inspired STEM ideas for a healthier planet. 

The Department of Education and Training are funding high-ability students from government schools to participate in this program at no cost through the Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series. 

Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series


Melbourne * Cranbourne Gardens

Year level

Year Three to Year Six

Session 1: Bio-design Introduction

Students will

  • Learn examples of bio-inspired inventions and come face-to-face with the plants and systems that influenced them. 
  • Identify the tried and tested biological strategies of nature through guided nature observation 
  • Come up with their own nature-inspired ideas

Session 2: Student Design Challenge

Students will

  • Become biomimics, practicing nature-inspired engineering. 
  • Utilise design thinking and STEM skills to apply the practice of biomimicry in a Design Challenge 

Key focuses

  • Hands-on learning and sharing ideas
  • Adaptations
  • Science and Technology

Student Experiences Include

  • Distinguishing between ‘learning from’ and ‘learning about’ plants 
  • Exploring the function and form of plants 
  • Engaging in systems thinking 
  • Applying nature-inspired solutions to solve a student challenge (full day only) 

Curriculum Links

  • Level 3 - 6 Integrated STEM, Science, Mathematics, Technology, Design, and Critical and Creative Thinking 

Available Times

Full-day program (Session 1 and 2)

10.15am – 2.15pm

Program Cost

Full day $27 per student

Meeting Point

Education entrance, Observatory House at Melbourne Gardens 


Meet at the Visitors Centre at Cranbourne Gardens

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