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An excursion to the Melbourne and Cranbourne Gardens is an excellent opportunity for students of all ages to further their understanding of environmental and related issues in a safe and stimulating outdoor setting.

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Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria's Education Service develops adaptive, strategic curriculum based programs to assist teachers and provide an enjoyable and valuable learning experience for students from kindergarten to university.

Each education program is designed to support teachers in achieving the Victorian Curriculum, and is led by a Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria Learning Facilitator.

Programs can run in the morning and/or the afternoon generally starting at 10.15am and 12.45pm. Most preschools and primary schools come for the day with guided education programs often supplemented by self led opportunities or extra-curricular activities such as a tour on the Garden Explorer (Melbourne and Cranbourne).

Children's Garden

Each year the Children’s Garden takes a break in winter for regular maintenance and restoration for eight weeks following the end of July school holidays and reopens on Father's Day.

For more information about the Ian Potter Foundation Children’s Garden visit our Children’s Garden page


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