The Sensory Garden

The Sensory Garden is a program designed for children who would benefit from a quiet, small group experience where children are immersed in a sensory environment. The program will be inclusive of the developmental and communication needs of the students.

Students will

  • Walk through the new Sensory Garden, using all their senses for exploration and discovery
  • Walk through the calming sensory environment of Fern Gully, visiting the newly created Wellbeing Gardens
  • Visit to the Herb Garden, making pot pourri, with adult assistance


Teachers can choose option 1 or 2 when booking program

Option 1:

Planting a herb such as rosemary or lavender. Follow sequence of potting a plant, with adult assistance.


Option 2:

Sensory play with natural materials for exploration and pattern making, with adult assistance.

All gardens are wheelchair accessible

Curriculum Levels

Victorian Curriculum, Levels A-D (toward Foundation), F-2