Health and Wellbeing in Nature

Explore the physical, mental and emotional benefits of nature and spending time outdoors. 

Through a playful exploration of Melbourne gardens, children will be encouraged to see themselves as part of the natural world and consider how being in nature can contribute to positive emotional and physical wellbeing. 

Students will

  • Use their senses to explore and respond to the natural world. 
  • Make pot pourri using herbs for wellbeing. 
  • Engage in experiences for gross and fine motor movement and balance. 
  • Use natural materials for open-ended play. 

Key focuses

  • Importance of time spent in nature for physical and emotional wellbeing. 
  • Importance of regular physical activity to keep us healthy and well. 
  • Importance of plants for good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. 

Curriculum Links

  • Victorian Curriculum F-2