Bush Kinder Induction

Available at the spectacular Cranbourne Gardens 

The Bush Kinder Induction program introduces educators and children to the Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne Bush Kinder site. The group will journey on a guided exploration through the bushland to the Woodland Picnic Area observing the diverse plant and animal habitats on the way. They will learn about safety in the bushland and come to understand how to play and learn in the bushland with a conservation lens.

Students will

  • Bush walk to the Bush Kinder site  
  • Introduction to the plants and animals of the bushland  
  • Exploration and Nature play  
  • Learning with a conservation focus 

Key focuses

  • Safety in the bushland 
  • Animal and plant habitats 
  • Nature Play  
  • Conservation 

Curriculum Links

This program supports outcomes from the Victorian Early Years Learning Development Framework