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Digital Garden Experiences

Digital Garden Experiences for learning at home 

To support Victoria’s regional and remote students Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria have developed a range of Digital Garden Experiences based upon our most popular learning programs 

Each Digital Garden Experience includes

  • A 30-minute web conference with a Gardens Educator   
  • A range of curated resources for students to explore 
  • A Gardens-based learning challenge  

Digital Experiences are offered across the following themes/Programs 

Indigenous Experiences  

Science Experiences  

Health and Wellbeing Experiences  

STEM Experiences 

Sustainability Experiences  

Web Conference Guidelines 

To ensure the privacy and security of students and staff during our web conferences, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria will: 

  • Limit the capacity of each web conference to one school per web conference 
  • Send a private web conference link to only the organising teacher to share with participants 
  • Enable a password and waiting room for all web conferences 
  • Ask participants to display their first name and school (i.e. Simon, Melbourne Secondary College) to enter the web conference from the waiting room 
  • Not record any web conferences   
  • Reserve the right to remove any participant from the web conference at any time 
  • Adhere to the RBGV privacy policy at all times