Resource Smart Schools AuSSi Vic

Resource Smart Schools AuSSi Vic is a planning framework and certification program. Schools undertake sustainability activities and gain 1 to 5 star ratings focusing on sustainability and curriculum outcomes.

It's program is built around a core module that conducts a baseline data survey and sets up a resource tracking system and 4 other modules - Water, Biodiversity, Energy and Waste. It adopts an integrated, and whole school approach.  For full details go to ResourceSmart Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative Victoria (AuSSI Vic)

"The Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative Victoria (AuSSI Vic) helps schools to become demonstration centres of green technologies and design, linked to sustainable curricula, so that people in all local communities will be motivated to live more sustainably."

The Royal Botanics Gardens Victoria is the States oldest scientific institution with a very long history of documenting and conserving our states and indeed international biodiversity. Today it is one of the states leading organisations in mitigating and adapting to Climate Change. Some of the states most innovative and dramatic water conservation projects are underway at the Melbourne and Cranbourne Gardens.

Both Gardens showcase outstanding living collections of plants and plant communities. Research and management activities conducted by the Gardens are leading examples of biodiversity conservation with an international reputation.

Schools participate in water, waste and biodiversity conservation experiences through programs conducted by Education Services at Melbourne and Cranbourne Gardens. These activities are designed to inspire students and provide ideas for application back at schools. Indeed many schools have successfully modelled school ground improvements on ideas showcased in the Ian Potter Foundation Children’s Garden and the Australian Garden.

Over 500 schools in Victoria have started or completed the Resource Smart AuSSI Vic process and are celebrating the benefits from contemporary and best practice Education for Sustainability (EfS).
The following principles that define best practice are key to the work of both the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria and RSS AuSSI Vic.

  1. Inquiry based learning for the whole school community
  2. Indigenous Learning
  3. Social justice
  4. Student democracy and leadership
  5. Values, civics and faith development
  6. Cultural perspectives
  7. Re-engagement with self, others and nature
  8. Transformative education and learning

We can help you with the HOW of Resource Smart Schools AuSSI Vic (MS Word - 43 kb)

Department of Education and Training (DET)

DET contracts Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria to provide school education programs to students and teachers throughout Victoria through the Strategic Partnerships Program on a triennial basis 2015-17.
Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria acknowledges the support of the Department of Education and Training through the Strategic Partnerships Program.

Kids in Nature Network

Kids in Nature Network acts to empower, connect and grow a movement of individuals, families and organisations who are committed to reconnecting children to nature. KINN is a cross-sectoral network of thought-leaders from the health, education, environment, outdoors, community and arts sectors. The network links up key initiatives that promote nature play in order to enhance children’s well-being and development, promote creative play and facilitate connection to the natural world.

The Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria works with Kids in Nature Network by providing unique opportunities for collaboration and capacity building and through open sharing of experiences, ideas and knowledge amongst our members and allies.

Our vision is for all children to have every opportunity to experience, love and look after nature.

Our Work

  • Provide a vital link between groups and organisations who are interested in promoting the child-nature connection for the benefit of children’s well-being and for the re-valuing of nature.
  • Increase the knowledge of families, educators and others involved in the care of children about the crucial role the natural world plays in the lives of children.
  • Change the attitudes and behaviours of those involved in the care of children so they provide children with the time and space to play in nature. Advocate within health, education, urban planning and environment sectors to promote the value of the child and nature relationship.
  • Promote further research into the benefits of children spending time in nature.

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WithOneSeed works with communities across Australia and the Asia Pacific region to make environments sustainable, to end poverty and hunger, to build knowledge and to create regional partnerships. RBG partnership is focused on the Carbon Futures school program currently offered at both the Melbourne and Cranbourne Gardens.

WithOneSeed website 

Best Start Bush Kinders

City of Casey, Best Start, Windermere’s Communities for Children Cranbourne, Casey Cardinia Library Corporation are collaborating on running the Koorie Kids Bush Playgoup at Cranbourne Gardens.

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