Biomimicry Bootcamp 

In partnership with CECV, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria invites Catholic students to explore the emerging discipline of biomimicry.

During this nature inspired STEM program, students will be guided by RBGV’s expert biomimicry educators to observe the tried and tested biological strategies and patterns of nature and learn how nature can be used for design inspiration and problem-solving

Activities for the day

Morning Session - Bio-design Introduction

Students will:

  • Learn examples of bio-inspired inventions and the nature models that influenced them.
  • Identify biological strategies of nature through guided nature observation.
  • Brainstorm their own nature-inspired ideas.


Afternoon Session - Student Design Challenge

Students will:

  • Become Biomimics, practicing nature-inspired design.
  • Utilise design thinking and STEM skills to apply the practice of biomimicry in a Design Challenge.
  • Be prepared to utilise biomimicry in development of a 2023 MACS STEM MAD entry.