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Plant Collections

Gardens House

A garden within a garden, the Garden House display garden is an enclosed area surrounding historic Gardens House. The aim of this collection is to highlight the horticultural display of a heritage landscape within climatic constraints and to connect visitors to plants through quality displays and plant aesthetics.

Key Plants

Araucaria bidwilli         Landscape significance

Archontophoenix cunninghamiana      Landscape significance

Populus deltoides        Landscape significance

Arbutus glandulosa     (Joan Law-Smith memorial tree)

Camellia cvs    Heritage Australian cultivars

Agathis robusta           Landscape significance


Collection origins

  • Laid out as the private garden of the Director
  • Maintains many of the features of a large 19th century private garden
  • Gardens House was built in 1854 as an office and residence. It later became the Director’s residence
  • Most significant period of development occurred during the Guilfoyle era
  • Gardens House and proximate landscape was refurbished in 1996
  • Once the landscape was refurbished, lovely views were opened up from Perennial Border to Gardens House