Growing Friends Cranbourne

The Growing Friends propagate a great variety Australian native plants that have been sourced from the Gardens. The plants are grown from cuttings and seed, mostly supplied by the Gardens gardening staff.

Plants are used for educational purposes and for raising funds for selected projects at the Gardens:
  • Plants are grown as ‘give-aways’ for school students visiting the Gardens (organised by the Gardens' Education Service).
  • Regular plant sales are held at the Nursery throughout the year with special days for Friends and staff, and separate days for the general public.
  • The City of Casey purchases plants from the Growing Friends for their ‘Green Web’ revegetation program in the Casey and Cardinia areas and as ‘give-aways’ for Arbor Week.

Working together, as well as having morning tea and lunch together, in a natural open-air setting accompanied by the sounds of local birds, is a very enjoyable and healthy activity.

When we meet

The Growing Friends meet every Thursday at our new nursery! near the Gardens Nursery, in the Gardens' depot, from 9.30am - 2pm. All are welcome. 


Great news! The Growing Friends are now able to resume the sale of plants from our nursery to members on our working bee days.

Some years ago, our nursery had been open to members on a weekly basis and this had become quite popular, but had to cease due to the presence of mytle rust in Victoria—a fungal plant pathogen that affects plants in the family Myrtaceae. In order to minimise the possibility of this fungus invading the Gardens and then potentially spreading it to member’s gardens, any incoming and outgoing plant material had to be treated with a fungicide which could not be done on a weekly basis. Due to the low level of outbreaks, preventative protocols have now been reviewed and the Growing Friends are able to resume the sale of plants on a weekly basis. So, feel free to visit our new nursery, have a chat and check over and purchase our plants. You may even wish to join us. Our working bee days are every Thursday as well as the 3rd Wednesday of the month from 10.00am to 3.00pm. The Nursery is located in the depot area—it has a big sign on the gate.

Plant sales

Currently we are working towards getting our plants ready for the autumn plant sale which is to be on the last weekend of March in the Gardens as well as on the already mentioned working bee days. We will have a good selection of grevilleas, melaleucas, some acacias and many more. A list of available plants will be posted on the Friends website by about mid-March. 

Special orders

Any wishes? Perhaps you have seen a plant in the Gardens … or would like multiple plants for a large area … then please contact the Growing Friends by email or phone with your request and we shall endeavour to grow them (or we may even have them in stock).

For enquiries, contact:

Marjanne Rook

T: (03) 9769 7881


Don Dower

T: (03) 9736 2309