Our aims are two-fold:

  • to provide interesting, enjoyable and educational activities for Friends, exploring aspects of natural history, such as plant and bird life
  • to raise funds for projects undertaken at the RBG Cranbourne.

Check out some of our forthcoming activities and please do feel welcome to join us. Just complete the Booking form.

Expression of interest

Photography anyone?

Calling members who are or would like to be a ‘snapper’ a ‘serious photographer’ or somewhere in between to join the Friend’s In Focus group, to share skills and experiences. An engaging and fun way to learn about photography, and to practice and enhance photography skills in a friendly, social and non-judgemental environment.

What type of pictures? Landscapes, plants, seeds, insects, spider webs, birds, things that slither, hop or swim, and people. Sun rise, sun set, clouds and stars, but not high noon. There is no end to the possibilities.

NB Pictures taken for sale are subject to the commercial activities that applies to the RBGC. Please refer to Royal Botanic Gardens Board Victoria Application For Commercial Filming and Photography Permit Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne details on the garden’s website.

Information about the activities group can be obtained from James McKee the Co-ordinator by email to: or telephone 03 9707 2624, (m) 0411 102 107

Regular monthly activities


Note these activities in your 2014 diary now so that you do not miss out on attending any that you are interested in.





  • 1 Sunday FRBGC 2015 Activities Planning Day
  • 22 Sunday Rare Plants and Why they are Rare Workshop – AG Auditorium 


  • 19 Saturday Phillip Johnson Lecture– AG Auditorium 
  • 21 Monday Discovery day—Science Works Museum: ‘Behind the scenes’
  • 24 Thursday Pre-sale plant sale for members & staff
  • 26 Saturday & 27 Sunday Growing Friends plant sale


  • 3 Sunday Plant genus workshop—Grevilleas, Australian Garden Auditorium, RBGC
  • 24 Sunday Mistletoes with Peter Rogers, Australian Garden Auditorium, RBGC


  • All month Orchid botanical art in Australian Garden Visitor Centre Gallery
  • 22 Monday Discovery half day—Future Garden in the Australian Garden


  • Garden Visit Day Date to be confirmed
  • 4 Saturday & 5 Sunday Healthy gardens & healthy gardeners weekend, Joint program with RBGC
  • 8 Wednesday Discovery day—Beaconsfield
  • 22 Wednesday Discovery day—RBGC bushland
  • 23 Thursday Pre-sale plant sale for members & staff
  • 25 Saturday & 26 Sunday Growing Friends plant sale


  • 10 Monday Discovery half day—Dry River Bed in the Australian Garden
  • 16 Sunday FRBGC AGM
  • 18 Tuesday Discovery day—Wonthaggi region
  • 23 Sunday – Insects & Plants Workshop – AG Auditorium


  • 5 Friday – 7 Sunday Discovery tour—Marysville & Lake Mountain region


To book for any of the activities, just complete the Booking form.