Tim Entwisle

Tim Entwisle

Director and Chief Executive, Royal Botanic Gardens

Professor Tim Entwisle is a highly respected scientist, scientific communicator and botanic gardens director. He took up the role of Director and Chief Executive of Royal Botanic Gardens in March 2013, following two years in a senior role at Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, and eight years as Executive Director of the Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust in Sydney. Tim is an Honorary Professorial Fellow in the School of Botany at The University of Melbourne and a Visiting Professor in the School of Biological and Biomedical Science, Durham University. He is an expert in freshwater algae (a genus, family and order of algae were named after him last year) but has a broad interest in all plants and related life forms (e.g. he edited and wrote for the 4-volume Flora of Victoria). Tim blogs, tweets, and looks for any opportunity to promote science, plants and gardens. Tim has been a regular contributor to ABC radio and its website, and a frequent guest on Australian radio and television – over summer 2014/15 he hosted RN’s first gardening show, Talking Plants. He has written for a variety of science, nature and garden magazines and maintains an active social media profile (including his popular ‘Talkingplants’ blog).

Learn more about bushland biodiversity in Tim's video - Biodiversity and the Seasons (YouTube — 3:02)

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Major electronic publications

Entwisle, T.J., and Nairn, L. (1 December 1999). Freshwater Algae - Census of Freshwater Algae
in Australia (version 1.0).
Entwisle, T.J., and Yee, N. (25 August 2003). AFA – Australian Freshwater Algae (version 1.0),
including ALGKEY (interactive identification key to genera) and ALGPIC (pictorial key to

Selected presentations (since 1990)

Kew’s Breathing Plant Programme, to various staff and diploma students at Kew, 2011-2012.
Foraging for Freshwater Red Algae in Australia , British Phycological Society Winter Meeting,
Newcastle, January 2011
Fresh Air – How the Breathing Planet Programme breathes new life into Royal Botanic Gardens
Kew, and the world, Global Strategy for Plant Conservation meeting, St Louis, USA, June
“Dr Entwhistle is a Murderer”: or how I replaced 10 trees (and lived to tell the tale), New
Zealand Horticultural ITO Young Horticulturalist of the Year Awards, Auckland, October
World’s Best Botanic Garden, various after dinner engagements including Camellia Society
Annual Conference and Australia Club, 2008.
E Algis Omnia (From Algae, Everything), University of Sydney, September 2008.
Are plants immortal?, various after dinner engagements, including Australian Skeptics, Botanic
Gardens Australia and New Zealand in Hamilton, 2007-08.
Naming Species. Science Festival Forum – Naming Australia’s Biodiversity – it matters!,
Canberra, August 2007
Case Study: Botanic Gardens Trust and Managing Botanic Gardens: More than plants, more
than labels, Guest Speaker, The Implementation of the GSPC Target VIII: Establishment
and Management of New Botanic Gardens in Indonesia, Bogor, Indonesia, 2007.
Biological Collections: Use them or lose them. Keynote Speaker, Use it or lose it: invertebrate
diversity in landscape management, Canberra, December 2005; also to various other
audiences, including 3rd Global Botanic Gardens Congress in Wuhan, China, 2007.
Towards 2016. Macleay Lecture, Linnean Society of New South Wales, 2005.
Communicating Science: the Medium, the Message or the Manipulation? Botanic Gardens of
Australia and New Zealand Conference, Geelong, October 2003.
Systematics for Conservation. Science for Plant Conservation – An International Conference for
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Selected lectures
Conservation of Plants: from the Wollemi Pine to Freshwater Algae. Lecture to Biodiversity
Course at Macquarie University, 1999.
Lichens. Two lectures for 2nd year botany unit at The University of Melbourne, 1992–
Ecology and Taxonomy of Australian Macroalgae. Lecture for 2nd year botany unit at The
University of Melbourne, 1992–
Plant Names. Lecture to 2nd year agriculture students, The University of Melbourne, 1992.
Bryophytes. Lectures and practical course for 2nd year botany unit at The University of
Melbourne (3 lectures and 2 practicals), 1990.
National Herbarium of Victoria. Burnley Diploma Course at National Herbarium of Victoria, every
6 months, 1990–93. Box Hill TAFE Diploma Course, every 12 months, 1991–93.
Ecological and Taxonomic studies on Stream Macroalgae. Guest Lecture in 3rd year Benthic
Algae Course, The University of Melbourne, 1989.
Freshwater Macroalgae. Guest Lecture in 2nd Year Benthic Algae Course, The University of
Melbourne, 1987, 1988.