Alison Vaughan

Alison Vaughan

Collections Information Officer/Collections Community Coordinator, Atlas of Living Australia

Alison is responsible for the development and maintenance of the National Herbarium of Victoria's collections database, which uses the Specify collections management system. She is the Chair of the Herbarium Information Systems Committee (HISCOM), the technical subcommittee of the Council of Heads of Australasian Herbaria (CHAH), and takes an active role in the development of Australia's Virtual Herbarium (AVH). Alison is also the Production Editor for Muelleria, the scientific journal of the National Herbarium of Victoria (MEL).

From July 2014, Alison will be working part time as Collections Community Coordinator with the Atlas of Living Australia (ALA). In this role, she will be liaising with the Australasian herbarium community and the ALA to document requirements for the ongoing development of AVH, identify new opportunities for collaboration, and to help promote the role of herbarium collections in the ALA.


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Maroske, S. and Vaughan, A. (2014). Ferdinand Mueller’s female plant collectors: a biographical register. Muelleria 32, 92–172.

Parnell, J.A.N., Womersley, H.B.S., Sinkora, D., Vaughan, A. and Huisman, J.M. (2010). W.H. Harvey's Australian Travelling Sets of algae in the herbarium of the Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and the National Herbarium of Victoria (MEL), Australia. Biology and Environment: Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy 110B, 119–161.

Conference proceedings

Stajsic, V. and Vaughan, A.C. (2007). The role of the National Herbarium of Victoria (MEL) in the documentation of new weeds. In Proceedings third Victorian weed conference: earth wind fire water and weeds, pp. 70–74. Weed Society of Victoria, Frankston.