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World Water Monitoring Day

Happy World Water Monitoring Day!

Figures from our 2013-14 Annual Report (to be released soon) have shown that the Gardens’ water monitoring and water management practices are paying great dividends when it comes to looking after our priceless plant collections.

In its first full year of operation (2013-14), the Working Wetlands project at Melbourne Gardens resulted in a 41 per cent decrease in the use of potable water for irrigation – from 126,233 kilolitres to 114,371 kilolitres. In addition, the last 12 months has seen a marked improvement to the water quality in the lake system, a reduction in nutrient levels, and the lowest level of blue-green algae outbreaks in years.

Water use at Cranbourne Gardens was also reduced in 2013-14, with water consumption dropping by 26 per cent to 30,271 kilolitres.