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Investing in the next generation of horticulturists

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria has joined forces with The Diggers Club to encourage and invest in the next generation of horticulturists by offering a new joint apprenticeship for an aspiring horticulturist.

Mr Tam Van Le was recently announced as the first successful candidate and has started work at the Melbourne Gardens. Tam is interested in all things nature-related and engaged with some initial study in landscaping, as well as joining a parks and gardens group.

The Diggers Club founder, Clive Blazey said there was an unprecedented response to the application process over the last month.

“The remarkable interest from candidates and the passion they showed for gardening was very encouraging and has really highlighted the need for such positions within the horticultural sector.”

Professor Entwisle and Mr Blazey congratulated Tam on being the inaugural joint apprentice and agreed that the opportunity provided a great platform for him to develop a rewarding career in the industry.

The apprenticeship offers training within a professional, structured environment and will finish the four year program with a Certificate lll in Horticulture (Parks and Gardens). The four year apprenticeship is being facilitated by APlus Apprenticeships and Trainee Services on behalf of Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria and The Diggers Club.

For more information please view the media release