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Rangers to the (rabbit) rescue!

Thanks to the efforts of Gardens’ Rangers, the future looks bright for a pair of Cashmere Lop-eared rabbits abandoned at Melbourne Gardens on Saturday.

A visitor spotted the fluffy white rabbits sitting under a tree near Plant Craft Cottage and alerted the Rangers in the Visitor Centre, who swung into action.

Rangers found and caught the rabbits and, after much deliberation as to who would adopt them, a call was made to Rabbit Runaway Orphanage which organised for the rabbits to be taken to The Rabbit Doctor, a vet in Collingwood.

The Rabbit Doctor checked them out and confirmed that the pair was actually a mother and son before transporting them to the Rabbit Runaway Orphanage in Olinda where they are now awaiting a new home.

“Life as a Gardens’ Ranger is never dull, that’s for sure!” said Katherine, Customer Service Ranger at Melbourne Gardens.

“As cute as they are, rabbits have no place at the Gardens and we’re thankful to the staff at The Rabbit Doctor and Rabbit Runaway Orphanage for helping to re-home the pair.”

“This incident is also a timely reminder that there are lots of great organisations out there that can help if you’re no longer able to look after a pet,” she said.

Check out the Rabbit Runaway Orphanage Facebook page for more pics and updates.