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Cranbourne’s Western Australian Christmas Tree added to the Significant Tree Register!

The National Trust of Australia has confirmed that the Nuytsia floribunda or Western Australian Christmas Tree at the Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne has been classified as a Significant State Tree!

Our passionate horticulture team at Cranbourne submitted the tree as significant for its rarity. This tree is in the Mistletoe family and is extremely rare in cultivation due to the great difficulty in growing specimens to a mature size. The specimen in Cranbourne is approximately 34 years old. It is the most southerly growing specimen on public display in the world and one of only a few known to be in cultivation outside Western Australia.

It has been recognised as having special qualities and as an important part of our cultural heritage. With this classification the Nuytsia floribunda will be preserved for the education and appreciation of future generations.

For the full details please visit The National Trust of Australia website