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The Royal Botanic Gardens and The Diggers Club apprenticeship scheme

We are forever on the lookout for ways to invest in the next generation of horticulturists, the people who maintain our beautiful Botanic Gardens to the standard we all expect, as well as contribute to the wider horticulture community. Professional development in horticulture is under threat worldwide, with poor take-up of training and lack of skills in key areas. So, together with the Diggers Club, Australia’s largest garden club, we want to encourage the next generation of horticulturalists by setting up a new apprenticeship scheme.

This joint venture with The Diggers Club will allow us to provide an aspiring young horticulturist with skills and knowledge from the very best in their field throughout a four-year apprenticeship. The apprentice will receive training from both the Royal Botanic Gardens and The Diggers Club, within a professional, structured, environment helping them gain skills and knowledge to develop their career in horticulture. They will finish the program with a Certificate lll in Horticulture (Parks and Gardens).

For more details or to apply for this wonderful opportunity please visit SEEK

For more information about The Digger Club visit www.diggers.com.au