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Next Wave comes to Domain House

Do you love the sensory experience of digging around in the dirt, of exploring nature, delighting in gardening and discovering the mysteries of the plant world? If you do, then maybe the lush green world of the Ecosexual Bathhouse will hold some allure for you.

The Ecosexual Bathhouse opens at Domain House on 6 May as part of the Next Wave Festival 2016.

A radical live art performance by Pony Express, Ecosexual Bathhouse imagines a world where ecosexuality is a burgeoning identity on the brink of becoming mainstream. It offers an interactive experience, where you can delve into an immersive labyrinth of intimate encounters and sensory interaction with the environment.

Sprouting from the Eco-Sex Manifesto by Dr Elizabeth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle, ecosexuality is a burgeoning identity that positions the biosphere as a lover. Ecosexual Bathhouse imagines a world where this identity is on the brink of becoming mainstream, where those of green persuasion have a place to express their deepest ecological desires.

The Ecosexual Bathhouse provides a walk-through experience for six people at a time, combining elements of installation, performance and media to create a sensory environment, facilitating a diverse and playful array of human ecological interactions.

At Domain House from 6 to 14 May, with a panel discussion on Sunday 8 May; bookings required.

More information and bookings at Next Wave Festival.