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Share your memories of Gardens romance

Do you have a cherished memory of a romantic moment in the Royal Botanic Gardens or, simply a favourite romantic spot in the Gardens?

In the lead up to Valentine’s Day, we invite you to share your special romantic memories of the Gardens. Tell us about your favourite romantic locations in the Melbourne or Cranbourne gardens or share your cherished memories with us using #gardenromance.

Gardens have inspired romance for centuries and the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria is no exception.

At Melbourne Gardens there are any number of romantic spots: the quiet seclusion of one of the rest houses – Tecoma or Clematis Pavilion – or the tranquillity of Nymphaea Lily Lake carpeted by the lilies reminiscent of a Monet’s garden at Giverny. Or on Ornamental Lake: according to Melbourne Punt Tours in the past two years, they have had the privilege of witnessing 20 marriage proposals as couples have drifted across the lake on a punt.

The more contemporary landscape of Cranbourne Gardens has some locations that may well inspire grand romantic gestures: alongside the looming Escarpment Wall Sculpture or amongst the lush landscape and ancient plants of the Gondwana Garden; and at Trig Point Lookout you can gaze into the distance with sweeping views of Western Port, the city skyline and the Dandenong Ranges.

Share your romantic memories with us at #gardenromance – we’ll start the conversation with this contribution from a staff member who was spellbound by what he describes as ‘one of the most beautiful and memorable expressions of love’ seen in Melbourne Gardens – The courting dance of two swans on Ornamental Lake.