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Join in during Nature Play Week

April 1 is not only the launch of Nature Play Week at the Gardens, it's also the launch of a brand new children's activity.

The '50 things you can do at the Royal Botanic Gardens – and then some more beyond' checklist is a great way to encourage kids to take a break from screens and spend time playing outside in nature.

Alongside the '50 things' activities you can only do at the Gardens - like racing leaves along the Rockpool Waterway in the Australian Garden at Cranbourne or listening for the bellbirds on Long Island at Melbourne - are an additional 25 activities to try at home or at your local park.

As Christine Joy, Education Coordinator at the Royal Botanic Gardens, explains, engaging in nature play is a critical part of a child’s development.

“Over the past 30 years, we have moved indoors and screen spaces have replaced green places. Use of television, computers, the internet and smartphones, increased parental fear, poor urban
planning and more highly structured play and supervision keep children from playing outside.”

“This change in the experience of and exposure to nature has led to a gradual distancing between our children and the natural world and has profound implications for the mental, physical, emotional
and spiritual health of future generations – and for the health of nature itself.”

“Getting your kids involved in Nature Play doesn’t have to be expensive or time‐consuming,” adds Christine.

“The ’50 things’ lists are a great place to start and will have you and the kids out and about in nature in no time!”

Proudly presented by the Kids in Nature Network (KINN) in partnership with the Gardens, Nature Play Week encourages parents and kids to take a break from screens and spend time playing outside in nature.