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Planting Little Seeds for Little Kids

Places are still open for the Little Seeds Nature Playgroup, which returns to Melbourne Gardens on 19 April with an eight-week program of nature play activities for pre-school children between the ages of three and five years old.

The program is designed to introduce young children to the natural world through a playful selection of stories, songs, walks and gardening activities.

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria Education Coordinator Chris Joy says children are encouraged to use all their senses in a program that is led by an early childhood specialist teacher.

“Through the Little Seeds program we’re aiming to foster curiosity, wonder and respect for the natural world in young children with rich and imaginative outdoor play.  

“Play is essentially children’s ‘work’ and through outdoor play children begin to understand and make sense of the physical world,” she says.

The children will participate in a range of activities during the eight-week program including helping with the seasonal harvest of crops in the Kitchen Garden, and collecting morning tea scraps to feed to the compost worms; other activities include free play, finger rhymes and songs.

Participating children are accompanied by a parent or carer during the program, which takes them through a series of activities where they are encouraged to use all their senses and range of movements including rolling, walking, climbing and balancing.

For further information and bookings, phone the RBGV Education Services Team on 03 9252 2358 or email them on edserv@rbg.vic.gov.au.