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Phoenix canariensis
at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne


Plant Information

Scientific Name:Phoenix canariensis
Common Name:Canary Islands Date Palm
Origin / Distribution:Canary Islands

Where to see Phoenix canariensis growing at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

There are 57 plants growing in the gardens.

location(s) of Phoenix canariensis at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne
LocationNo. Plants
Backwater Bed1
C Gate Lawn1
Cacti & Succulent Group1
California Garden1
California Lawn1
Central Lake Bed1
Dallachy Island2
Dog Flat Lawn2
Eastern Lawn5
Embankment Lawn1
Fountain Island5
Grey Garden(North)1
Guerard Island4
Guilfoyle Lawn1
Hopetoun Lawn1
Lake View Shelter Bed1
Lakeside Lawn1
LocationNo. Plants
Long Island4
Nuxia Bed1
Palm Group1
Palm Lawn2
Phoenix Lawn3
Picnic Point Bed3
Picnic Point Lawn2
Pinus radiata Bed1
Plant Craft Cottage1
Princes Lawn1
Round Eastern Bed1
Sayce Island1
Tennyson Lawn2
Tropical Bed2
Upper Fern Gully Bed1
Western Lawn1
Note: Only publicly accessible locations are mapped.
Dog Flat Lawn Embankment Lawn Picnic Point Lawn Lake View Shelter Bed Picnic Point Bed Eastern Lawn Picnic Point Lawn Phoenix Lawn Phoenix Lawn Tennyson Lawn Hopetoun Lawn Palm Lawn Princes Lawn Palm Lawn Eastern Lawn Upper Fern Gully Bed Long Island Long Island Picnic Point Bed California Lawn California Garden Cacti & Succulent Group Grey Garden(North) Backwater Bed Fountain Island Fountain Island Guerard Island Palm Group Eastern Lawn Nuxia Bed Tropical Bed Tropical Bed Plant Craft Cottage Guerard Island Guerard Island Guerard Island Sayce Island Central Lake Bed Long Island Long Island Fountain Island Fountain Island Fountain Island Picnic Point Bed Western Lawn Guilfoyle Lawn Eastern Lawn Pinus radiata Bed Tennyson Lawn Dog Flat Lawn Lakeside Lawn Eastern Lawn Round Eastern Bed C Gate Lawn Phoenix Lawn Dallachy Island Dallachy Island
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