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Acca sellowiana
at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne


Plant Information

Scientific Name:Acca sellowiana
Common Name:Feijoa
Origin / Distribution:Brazil Uruguay Argentina

Where to see Acca sellowiana growing at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

There are 19 plants growing in the gardens.

location(s) of Acca sellowiana at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne
LocationNo. Plants
African Tunnel Bed2
Agathis Bed2
Back of House Bed1
Central Lake Bed1
Draceana Bed1
Elm Bed1
Ficus Bed1
LocationNo. Plants
Government House Fenceline2
Liriodendron Bed1
Pinus radiata Bed3
Round Eastern Bed1
Western Border Bed1
Willow Bed1
Zelkova Bed1
Note: Only publicly accessible locations are mapped.
Ficus Bed Draceana Bed Pinus radiata Bed Agathis Bed Agathis Bed Liriodendron Bed African Tunnel Bed African Tunnel Bed Central Lake Bed Round Eastern Bed Willow Bed Government House Fenceline Government House Fenceline Zelkova Bed Back of House Bed Elm Bed Western Border Bed Pinus radiata Bed Pinus radiata Bed
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