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Berberis sp.
at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne


Plant Information

Scientific Name:Berberis sp.

Where to see Berberis sp. growing at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

There are 47 plants growing in the gardens.

location(s) of Berberis sp. at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne
LocationNo. Plants
Agathis Bed1
Alnus Bed1
Backwater Bed1
Bamboo Bed1
California Garden1
Cherry Bed1
Cornus Bed2
Eucalyptus maculata Bed1
Eucalyptus saligna Bed1
Evolutionary Bed2
Government House Bed2
Guilfoyle Medicinal Bed1
Hazel Bed1
Huntingfield Lawn1
Lake View Shelter Bed1
LocationNo. Plants
Liriodendron Bed2
Lych Gate Bed1
Non Public Area3
Non Public Area1
Northern Border Bed2
Perennial Border1
Pinus radiata Bed1
Princes Lawn Bed5
Pterocarya Bed1
Queen Palm Bed1
Separation Tree Bed1
Southern China Collection4
Tecoma Shelter Bed2
Touchwood Bed3
Winter Garden Bed1
Note: Only publicly accessible locations are mapped.
Lake View Shelter Bed Pterocarya Bed Cornus Bed Evolutionary Bed Alnus Bed Liriodendron Bed California Garden Hazel Bed Separation Tree Bed Winter Garden Bed Tecoma Shelter Bed Tecoma Shelter Bed Eucalyptus saligna Bed Pinus radiata Bed Agathis Bed Touchwood Bed Northern Border Bed Bamboo Bed Southern China Collection Cherry Bed Guilfoyle Medicinal Bed Princes Lawn Bed Princes Lawn Bed Princes Lawn Bed Perennial Border Government House Bed Government House Bed Liriodendron Bed Northern Border Bed Touchwood Bed Eucalyptus maculata Bed Queen Palm Bed Touchwood Bed Huntingfield Lawn Princes Lawn Bed Evolutionary Bed Southern China Collection Southern China Collection Lych Gate Bed Southern China Collection Princes Lawn Bed Backwater Bed Cornus Bed
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