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RBG Plant List - Family: Zingiberaceae,

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Accession No.Plant Name (click for more info)Common NameFamilyBed / Location
951522 (4 plants)Alpinia arctiflora ZingiberaceaeAustralian Forest Walk 
820932 (15 plants)Alpinia caeruleaNative Ginger ZingiberaceaeAustralian Bed 
530984 (3 plants)Alpinia caeruleaNative Ginger ZingiberaceaeAustralian Forest Walk 
941143 (3 plants)Alpinia caeruleaNative Ginger ZingiberaceaeAustralian Forest Walk 
050666 (4 plants)Alpinia caeruleaNative Ginger ZingiberaceaeEucalyptus maculata Bed 
532055Alpinia caeruleaNative Ginger ZingiberaceaeGrass Bed 
515318Alpinia caeruleaNative Ginger ZingiberaceaeLiriodendron Bed 
501007 (2 plants)Alpinia caeruleaNative Ginger ZingiberaceaeNursery Camphor Laurel Bed 
831008Alpinia caeruleaNative Ginger ZingiberaceaeQueensland Bed 
517785Alpinia caeruleaNative Ginger ZingiberaceaeTouchwood Bed 
501005Alpinia caeruleaNative Ginger ZingiberaceaeTropical Bed 
951583 (5 plants)Alpinia caerulea (Atherton Form) ZingiberaceaeAustralian Forest Walk 
951578Alpinia caerulea (Atherton Form) ZingiberaceaeAustralian Forest Walk 
517326Alpinia calcarata ZingiberaceaeGrass Bed 
090639Alpinia galanga ZingiberaceaeTropical House - West End 
851638Alpinia hainanensis ZingiberaceaeTropical Bed 
900250Alpinia japonica ZingiberaceaeGrass Bed 
951518 (3 plants)Alpinia modesta ZingiberaceaeAustralian Forest Walk 
951619 (3 plants)Alpinia modesta ZingiberaceaeAustralian Forest Walk 
941721Alpinia mutica ZingiberaceaeTropical House - West End 
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