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RBG Plant List - Family: Urticaceae,

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Accession No.Plant Name (click for more info)Common NameFamilyBed / Location
840054Boehmeria biloba UrticaceaeGrey Oak Bed 
529066 (3 plants)Boehmeria japonica UrticaceaeQueen Palm Bed 
820114 (2 plants)Boehmeria japonica var. japonica UrticaceaeSinojackia Bed 
501740Boehmeria macrophyllaNative Ramie UrticaceaeFicus Bed 
501741Boehmeria macrophyllaNative Ramie UrticaceaeFicus Bed 
501739Boehmeria macrophyllaNative Ramie UrticaceaeGovernment House Bed 
501753Boehmeria niveaChinese Silk Plant UrticaceaeAraucaria Bed 
501750Boehmeria niveaChinese Silk Plant UrticaceaeGleditsia Bed 
960830 (3 plants)Boehmeria niveaChinese Silk Plant UrticaceaeGuilfoyle Medicinal Bed 
501754Boehmeria niveaChinese Silk Plant UrticaceaeHazel Bed 
930195 (7 plants)Boehmeria niveaChinese Silk Plant UrticaceaeNorthern Border Bed 
501752Boehmeria niveaChinese Silk Plant UrticaceaeNorthern Border Bed 
501747Boehmeria niveaChinese Silk Plant UrticaceaePlant Craft Cottage 
841417Boehmeria niveaChinese Silk Plant UrticaceaeSinojackia Bed 
900423 (13 plants)Boehmeria niveaChinese Silk Plant UrticaceaeSouthern China Collection 
991080Boehmeria niveaChinese Silk Plant UrticaceaeSouthern China Collection 
860365 (4 plants)Boehmeria sieboldiana UrticaceaeSinojackia Bed 
532414Boehmeria sp. UrticaceaeAustralian Forest Walk 
531471 (3 plants)Boehmeria sp. UrticaceaeQueensland Box Bed 
520773Boehmeria sp. UrticaceaeSouthern China Collection 
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