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RBG Plant List - Family: Theaceae,

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Accession No.Plant Name (click for more info)Common NameFamilyBed / Location
830237 (2 plants)Adinandra millettii TheaceaeZelkova Bed 
527847Camellia 'Adorable' TheaceaeCamellia Collection 
040654Camellia 'Alan Raper' TheaceaeCamellia Collection 
040640Camellia 'Alpen Glo' TheaceaeLake View Shelter Bed 
050034Camellia 'Andrea Ramirez' TheaceaeBack of House Bed 
050035Camellia 'Andrea Ramirez' TheaceaeNorthern Border Bed 
523857Camellia 'Anzac' TheaceaeAcmena Bed 
040647Camellia 'Black Opal' TheaceaePrinces Lawn Bed 
980166Camellia 'Buddha' TheaceaeIlex Bed 
980151Camellia 'Cameron Cooper' TheaceaeDirector's Tunnel 
040661Camellia 'Chuxiong Gold' TheaceaeSouthern China Collection 
060114Camellia 'Cinnamon Cindy' TheaceaeBack of House Bed 
811389Camellia 'Cinnamon Cindy' TheaceaeCamellia Collection 
900197Camellia 'Cinnamon Cindy' TheaceaeVireya Bed 
980147Camellia 'Colleen Sherrington' TheaceaeDirector's Tunnel 
050354Camellia 'Dr Bob Withers' TheaceaeDirector's Tunnel 
040845Camellia 'Dr Bob Withers' TheaceaeMelaleuca Bed 
523864Camellia 'Dr Clifford Parks' TheaceaeBack of House Bed 
040855Camellia 'Dr Clifford Parks' TheaceaeLake View Shelter Bed 
841370Camellia 'Dream Castle' TheaceaeNon Public Area 
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