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RBG Plant List - Family: Sterculiaceae,

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Accession No.Plant Name (click for more info)Common NameFamilyBed / Location
991289Brachychiton rupestrisQueensland Bottle Tree SterculiaceaeWater Conservation Garden 
511937Brachychiton x roseus SterculiaceaePrinces Lawn Bed 
930527Brachychiton x turgidulus SterculiaceaeAustralian Forest Walk 
800748Brachychiton x turgidulus SterculiaceaeLagerstroemia Bed 
502642Chiranthodendron pentadactylonMexican Hand Plant SterculiaceaeLagerstroemia Bed 
532237Chiranthodendron pentadactylonMexican Hand Plant SterculiaceaeRound Eastern Bed 
020969Chiranthodendron pentadactylonMexican Hand Plant SterculiaceaeVireya Bed 
821585 (2 plants)Commersonia bartramiaBrown Kurrajong SterculiaceaeCottonwood Bed 
920112Commersonia densiflora SterculiaceaeNon Public Area 
892169Commersonia hermanniifoliaWrinkled Kerrawang SterculiaceaeNon Public Area 
504365Dombeya buettneri SterculiaceaeAlnus Bed 
515906Dombeya burgessiae SterculiaceaeAfrican Tunnel Bed 
504366Dombeya burgessiae SterculiaceaeGovernment House Bed 
510578Dombeya burgessiae SterculiaceaeSouthwest Pacific Island Collection 
504368Dombeya burgessiae SterculiaceaeViburnum Collection 
781516Dombeya kirkiiRiver Dombeya SterculiaceaeBackwater Bed 
900583Dombeya sp. SterculiaceaeLakeside Lily Bed 
504375Dombeya tiliacea SterculiaceaeCacti & Succulent Group 
504372Dombeya tiliacea SterculiaceaeGovernment House Bed 
504370Dombeya tiliacea SterculiaceaePinus radiata Bed 
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