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RBG Plant List - Family: Rosaceae,

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Accession No.Plant Name (click for more info)Common NameFamilyBed / Location
090112 (7 plants)Lyonothamnus floribundusCatalina Ironwood RosaceaeCalifornia Garden 
060193 (3 plants)Lyonothamnus floribundusCatalina Ironwood RosaceaeGovernment House Bed 
150249 (4 plants)Neillia incisa RosaceaeCentral Lake Inlet Bed 
120579 (9 plants)Neillia tanakae RosaceaeGuerard Island 
510792Neillia tanakae RosaceaeLiriodendron Bed 
512524Neviusia alabamensisAlabama snow-wreath RosaceaeBell Shed Bed 
507874Neviusia alabamensisAlabama snow-wreath RosaceaeTriangle Bed 
090266 (2 plants)Osteomeles schwerinae RosaceaeSinojackia Bed 
911805Padus grayana RosaceaeTilia Bed 
801084Pennantia cunninghamii RosaceaeAustralian Forest Walk 
512563Photinia beauverdiana RosaceaeGrey Oak Bed 
770311Photinia beauverdiana var. notabilis RosaceaeNon Public Area 
531467Photinia davidiana RosaceaeLake View Shelter Bed 
522394Physocarpus amurensis RosaceaeIlex Bed 
512575Physocarpus amurensis RosaceaeWinter Garden Bed 
851096 (3 plants)Physocarpus bracteatusTurinpod Ninebark RosaceaeWinter Garden Bed 
508437Physocarpus capitatus RosaceaeCottage Rockery 
782095Physocarpus capitatus RosaceaeTecoma Shelter Bed 
991118Physocarpus opulifoliusAtlantic Ninebark RosaceaeGovernment House Bed 
529416Physocarpus opulifoliusAtlantic Ninebark RosaceaeGuilfoyle Line Bed 
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