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RBG Plant List - Family: Ranunculaceae,

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Accession No.Plant Name (click for more info)Common NameFamilyBed / Location
010271 (6 plants)Aconitum carmichaelii RanunculaceaeHerb Garden 
000008Aconitum hemsleyanum RanunculaceaeSouthern China Collection 
501048Anemone hupehensisJapanese Anemone RanunculaceaeGuilfoyle Line Bed 
961235 (4 plants)Anemone hupehensisJapanese Anemone RanunculaceaeNon Public Area 
891772 (5 plants)Anemone hupehensisJapanese Anemone RanunculaceaePicnic Point Bed 
990504 (4 plants)Anemone hupehensisJapanese Anemone RanunculaceaeSouthern China Collection 
990505 (10 plants)Anemone hupehensisJapanese Anemone RanunculaceaeSouthern China Collection 
900775 (2 plants)Anemone hupehensisJapanese Anemone RanunculaceaeTecoma Shelter Bed 
990884 (5 plants)Anemone hupehensisJapanese Anemone RanunculaceaeWinter Garden Bed 
981134 (2 plants)Anemone tomentosa RanunculaceaeSouthern China Collection 
922977 (3 plants)Anemone vitifolia RanunculaceaeSouthern China Collection 
501046Anemone x hybrida RanunculaceaeGuilfoyle Line Bed 
529450Anemone x hybrida RanunculaceaeGuilfoyle Line Bed 
812072Anemone x hybrida RanunculaceaePlant Craft Cottage 
520700 (3 plants)Anemone x hybrida RanunculaceaeQueen Palm Bed 
521768Anemone x hybrida RanunculaceaeVitex Rockery Group 
030255Aquilegia 'Blue Pleat' RanunculaceaeHerb Garden 
030256Aquilegia 'Perfumed Garden' RanunculaceaeHerb Garden 
030257Aquilegia 'Sweet Lemon Drops' RanunculaceaeHerb Garden 
731564Aquilegia alpina RanunculaceaeNon Public Area 
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