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RBG Plant List - Family: Poaceae,

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Accession No.Plant Name (click for more info)Common NameFamilyBed / Location
518608Setaria palmifoliaPalm Grass PoaceaeLagerstroemia Bed 
518611Setaria palmifoliaPalm Grass PoaceaeLagerstroemia Bed 
518614Setaria palmifoliaPalm Grass PoaceaeLagerstroemia Bed 
518617Setaria palmifoliaPalm Grass PoaceaeLagerstroemia Bed 
518620Setaria palmifoliaPalm Grass PoaceaeLagerstroemia Bed 
951936 (7 plants)Setaria palmifoliaPalm Grass PoaceaeNon Public Area 
519113Setaria palmifoliaPalm Grass PoaceaeNon Public Area 
515446Setaria palmifoliaPalm Grass PoaceaePalm Group 
880389 (3 plants)Setaria palmifoliaPalm Grass PoaceaePalm Group 
530065Setaria palmifoliaPalm Grass PoaceaePrinces Lawn Bed 
528886 (3 plants)Setaria palmifoliaPalm Grass PoaceaePyrus calleryana Bed 
523270Setaria palmifoliaPalm Grass PoaceaeWilliam Tell Bed 
523269Setaria palmifoliaPalm Grass PoaceaeWilliam Tell Bed 
517365Shibataea kumasaca PoaceaeBamboo Bed 
517366Shibataea kumasaca PoaceaeBamboo Bed 
517367Shibataea kumasaca PoaceaeBamboo Bed 
514061 (2 plants)Shibataea kumasaca PoaceaeConifer Bed 
514062Shibataea kumasaca PoaceaeConifer Bed 
518008 (5 plants)Shibataea kumasaca PoaceaeConifer Bed 
514064Shibataea kumasaca PoaceaeConifer Bed 
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