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RBG Plant List - Family: Myoporaceae,

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Accession No.Plant Name (click for more info)Common NameFamilyBed / Location
090489Eremophila glabra 'Kalbarri Carpet' MyoporaceaeGrey Garden(North) 
140156 (2 plants)Eremophila glabra 'Kalbarri Carpet' MyoporaceaeObservatory House Bed 
091233 (3 plants)Eremophila glabra 'Kalbarri Carpet' MyoporaceaeObservatory House Bed 
060937 (2 plants)Eremophila glabra 'Kalbarri Carpet' MyoporaceaeRockery Bed 
061100Eremophila glabra 'Kalbarri Carpet' MyoporaceaeRockery Bed 
120738 (2 plants)Eremophila glabra 'Kalbarri Carpet' MyoporaceaeVisitor's Centre Bed 
150375 (2 plants)Eremophila glabra (Amber Carpet) MyoporaceaeEastern Lodge 
091236Eremophila glabra (prostrate burgundy form) MyoporaceaeRock Wall Group 
091107 (3 plants)Eremophila glabra (prostrate) MyoporaceaeGuilfoyle's Volcano Bed 
091108Eremophila glabra (red) MyoporaceaeGuilfoyle's Volcano Bed 
111217Eremophila glabra subsp. murrayana MyoporaceaeEucalyptus robusta Bed 
090289Eremophila glabra subsp. murrayana MyoporaceaeR & T - Mallee 1 
140047Eremophila longifoliaBerrigan MyoporaceaeConifer Bed 
070670Eremophila longifoliaBerrigan MyoporaceaeConifer Bed 
081037Eremophila mirabilis MyoporaceaeGrey Garden(South) 
080999 (2 plants)Eremophila mirabilis MyoporaceaeGrey Garden(South) 
081038 (2 plants)Eremophila muellerianaPound-leaved Eremophila MyoporaceaeGrey Garden(South) 
081000Eremophila muellerianaPound-leaved Eremophila MyoporaceaeGrey Garden(South) 
100269Eremophila niveaSilky Eremophila MyoporaceaeGrey Garden(South) 
891217Eremophila oppositifoliaWeeooka MyoporaceaeAustralian Bed 
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