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RBG Plant List - Family: Mimosaceae,

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Accession No.Plant Name (click for more info)Common NameFamilyBed / Location
090276Acacia spinescensSpiny Wattle MimosaceaeConifer Bed 
801682Acacia spinescensSpiny Wattle MimosaceaeStaff Car Park 
020820Acacia sporadica MimosaceaeConifer Bed 
071105Acacia sporadica MimosaceaeR & T - Gippsland 
080279Acacia stenophyllaEumong MimosaceaeConifer Bed 
090340 (3 plants)Acacia stenophyllaEumong MimosaceaeGuilfoyle's Volcano Bed 
801721 (2 plants)Acacia subulataAwl-leaved Wattle MimosaceaeAustralian Forest Walk 
061494 (2 plants)Acacia trigonophylla MimosaceaeEucalyptus saligna Bed 
090612 (2 plants)Acacia trigonophylla MimosaceaeTouchwood Bed 
070669Acacia trineuraThree-nerved Wattle MimosaceaeConifer Bed 
500140Acacia verticillataPrickly Moses MimosaceaeAustralian Bed 
880581 (2 plants)Acacia verticillataPrickly Moses MimosaceaeLower Yarra River Habitat 
980669 (3 plants)Acacia verticillataPrickly Moses MimosaceaeNon Public Area 
831748Calliandra houstoniana MimosaceaeNorth American Woodland Bed 
501977Calliandra tweediiMexican Flamebush MimosaceaeTriangle Bed 
515755Calliandra tweediiMexican Flamebush MimosaceaeTriangle Bed 
690863Mimosa acanthocarpa MimosaceaeSouthwest Pacific Island Collection 
507613Mimosa lindheimeri MimosaceaePinus radiata Bed 
930700Pararchidendron pruinosum MimosaceaeAustralian Forest Walk 
519197Pararchidendron pruinosum MimosaceaeQueensland Bed 
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