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RBG Plant List - Family: Liliaceae,

Results 1921 - 1934 of 1934

Accession No.Plant Name (click for more info)Common NameFamilyBed / Location
880286Worsleya rayneriBlue Amaryllis LiliaceaeViburnum Collection 
000452Zephyranthes candidaAutumn Zephyr-lily LiliaceaeAraucaria Bed 
529236 (4 plants)Zephyranthes candidaAutumn Zephyr-lily LiliaceaeCistus Rockery 
514434Zephyranthes candidaAutumn Zephyr-lily LiliaceaeCottage Rockery 
514435Zephyranthes candidaAutumn Zephyr-lily LiliaceaeCottage Rockery 
514433Zephyranthes candidaAutumn Zephyr-lily LiliaceaeCottage Rockery 
511736Zephyranthes candidaAutumn Zephyr-lily LiliaceaeGovernment House Bed 
520077 (7 plants)Zephyranthes candidaAutumn Zephyr-lily LiliaceaeNon Public Area 
530907 (3 plants)Zephyranthes candidaAutumn Zephyr-lily LiliaceaePicnic Point Bed 
980795 (5 plants)Zephyranthes candidaAutumn Zephyr-lily LiliaceaeWestern Border Bed 
519140Zephyranthes candidaAutumn Zephyr-lily LiliaceaeWinter Garden Bed 
519141Zephyranthes candidaAutumn Zephyr-lily LiliaceaeWinter Garden Bed 
887862Zephyranthes verecunda LiliaceaeTaxodium Bridge Bed 
530743ZZ (Unknown) - Liliaceae LiliaceaeAfrican Tunnel Bed 
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