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RBG Plant List - Family: Liliaceae,

Results 1921 - 1940 of 1941

Accession No.Plant Name (click for more info)Common NameFamilyBed / Location
523259 (6 plants)Urginea maritimaSea Onion LiliaceaeGovernment House Bed 
511331 (2 plants)Urginea maritimaSea Onion LiliaceaeHerb Garden 
080884 (3 plants)Urginea maritimaSea Onion LiliaceaeTea Rooms Group 
531809Urginea maritimaSea Onion LiliaceaeViburnum Collection 
921937 (2 plants)Uvularia sp. aff. grandifloraMerrybells LiliaceaeElm Bed 
882558 (3 plants)Veltheimia bracteata LiliaceaeAfrican Tunnel Bed 
821483 (2 plants)Veltheimia bracteata LiliaceaeAfrican Tunnel Bed 
880286Worsleya rayneriBlue Amaryllis LiliaceaeViburnum Collection 
000452Zephyranthes candidaAutumn Zephyr-lily LiliaceaeAraucaria Bed 
529236 (4 plants)Zephyranthes candidaAutumn Zephyr-lily LiliaceaeCistus Rockery 
514434Zephyranthes candidaAutumn Zephyr-lily LiliaceaeCottage Rockery 
514435Zephyranthes candidaAutumn Zephyr-lily LiliaceaeCottage Rockery 
514433Zephyranthes candidaAutumn Zephyr-lily LiliaceaeCottage Rockery 
511736Zephyranthes candidaAutumn Zephyr-lily LiliaceaeGovernment House Bed 
520077 (7 plants)Zephyranthes candidaAutumn Zephyr-lily LiliaceaeNon Public Area 
530907 (3 plants)Zephyranthes candidaAutumn Zephyr-lily LiliaceaePicnic Point Bed 
980795 (5 plants)Zephyranthes candidaAutumn Zephyr-lily LiliaceaeWestern Border Bed 
519140Zephyranthes candidaAutumn Zephyr-lily LiliaceaeWinter Garden Bed 
519141Zephyranthes candidaAutumn Zephyr-lily LiliaceaeWinter Garden Bed 
887862Zephyranthes verecunda LiliaceaeTaxodium Bridge Bed 
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