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RBG Plant List - Family: Liliaceae,

Results 1921 - 1940 of 1965

Accession No.Plant Name (click for more info)Common NameFamilyBed / Location
020452Triteleia hyacinthina var. lilacina LiliaceaeCalifornia Garden 
921841Triteleia laxaTriplet Lily LiliaceaeCalifornia Garden 
911668Triteleia laxaTriplet Lily LiliaceaeCalifornia Garden 
930111Triteleia laxaTriplet Lily LiliaceaeCalifornia Garden 
150205 (3 plants)Tulbaghia violaceaSociety Garlic LiliaceaeCentral Lake Inlet Bed 
529739 (7 plants)Tulbaghia violaceaSociety Garlic LiliaceaeGrey Garden(North) 
517123 (11 plants)Tulbaghia violaceaSociety Garlic LiliaceaeHerb Garden 
871685 (2 plants)Tulbaghia violaceaSociety Garlic LiliaceaeHerb Garden 
852158Tulbaghia violaceaSociety Garlic LiliaceaeHerb Garden 
020254Tulbaghia violaceaSociety Garlic LiliaceaeHerb Garden 
010893Tulbaghia violaceaSociety Garlic LiliaceaeKitchen Garden 
130562 (3 plants)Tulbaghia violaceaSociety Garlic LiliaceaeMagnolia Bed 
519663Tulbaghia violaceaSociety Garlic LiliaceaeNon Public Area 
515632Tulbaghia violaceaSociety Garlic LiliaceaeTecoma Shelter Bed 
511260Tulbaghia violaceaSociety Garlic LiliaceaeTecoma Shelter Bed 
885188Tulipa clusianaLady Tulip LiliaceaeGrey Garden(North) 
517662 (2 plants)Tulipa clusianaLady Tulip LiliaceaeGrey Garden(North) 
890591 (2 plants)Tulipa clusianaLady Tulip LiliaceaeGrey Garden(North) 
517661 (2 plants)Tulipa clusianaLady Tulip LiliaceaeGrey Garden(North) 
531956Tulipa cv. LiliaceaeHerb Garden 
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