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RBG Plant List - Family: Iridaceae,

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Accession No.Plant Name (click for more info)Common NameFamilyBed / Location
971105Aristea capitataSabre-leaf Aristea IridaceaeCassine Bed 
150258 (2 plants)Aristea capitataSabre-leaf Aristea IridaceaeCassine Bed 
150206 (3 plants)Aristea capitataSabre-leaf Aristea IridaceaeCentral Lake Inlet Bed 
922524 (2 plants)Aristea ecklonii IridaceaeAfrican Tunnel Bed 
501281Aristea ecklonii IridaceaeCalifornia Garden 
515791Aristea ecklonii IridaceaeEastern Lodge Bed 
515788Aristea ecklonii IridaceaeEastern Lodge Bed 
515784Aristea ecklonii IridaceaeEastern Lodge Bed 
515789Aristea ecklonii IridaceaeEastern Lodge Bed 
515801Aristea ecklonii IridaceaeMalus Bed 
515799Aristea ecklonii IridaceaeMalus Bed 
515800Aristea ecklonii IridaceaeMalus Bed 
517794Aristea ecklonii IridaceaePalm Group 
523005Aristea ecklonii IridaceaeVireya Bed 
523009Aristea ecklonii IridaceaeVireya Bed 
523006Aristea ecklonii IridaceaeVireya Bed 
523007Aristea ecklonii IridaceaeVireya Bed 
522185Aristea sp. IridaceaeLake View Shelter Bed 
533107Crocosmia sp. IridaceaeQueensland Box Bed 
519631Crocosmia x crocosmiifloraMontebretia IridaceaeNon Public Area 
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