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RBG Plant List - Family: Caprifoliaceae,

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Accession No.Plant Name (click for more info)Common NameFamilyBed / Location
820769Abelia chinensis CaprifoliaceaeCottage Rockery 
528852Abelia chinensis CaprifoliaceaeElm Bed 
511754Abelia chinensis CaprifoliaceaeElm Bed 
850078Abelia chinensis CaprifoliaceaeEucalyptus maculata Bed 
528851Abelia chinensis CaprifoliaceaeGrotto Bed 
990196Abelia chinensis CaprifoliaceaeSouthern China Collection 
532027Abelia parvifolia CaprifoliaceaeTriangle Bed 
514662Abelia trifloraKumki CaprifoliaceaeCornus Bed 
030012Abelia trifloraKumki CaprifoliaceaeElm Bed 
500045Abelia trifloraKumki CaprifoliaceaeElm Bed 
110055Abelia trifloraKumki CaprifoliaceaeQueensland Box Bed 
511747Abelia x grandifloraGlossy Abelia CaprifoliaceaeAlnus Bed 
820963Abelia x grandifloraGlossy Abelia CaprifoliaceaeBackwater Bed 
516248Abelia x grandifloraGlossy Abelia CaprifoliaceaeBell Shed Bed 
531138Abelia x grandifloraGlossy Abelia CaprifoliaceaeBell Shed Bed 
812598Abelia x grandifloraGlossy Abelia CaprifoliaceaeCottage Rockery 
511746Abelia x grandifloraGlossy Abelia CaprifoliaceaeEucalyptus maculata Bed 
500031Abelia x grandifloraGlossy Abelia CaprifoliaceaeIlex Bed 
531374Abelia x grandifloraGlossy Abelia CaprifoliaceaeNorth American Woodland Bed 
500019Abelia x grandifloraGlossy Abelia CaprifoliaceaeNorthern Border Bed 
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