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RBG Plant List - Family: Bromeliaceae,

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Accession No.Plant Name (click for more info)Common NameFamilyBed / Location
500506Aechmea sp. BromeliaceaeTaxodium Bridge Bed 
530003 (2 plants)Aechmea sp. BromeliaceaeVireya Bed 
514317Aechmea sp. aff. nudicaulis BromeliaceaeLiriodendron Bed 
887233 (3 plants)Aechmea triangularis  BromeliaceaePalm Group 
887247 (4 plants)Aechmea victoriana var. discolor x A. racinae BromeliaceaeUpper Fern Gully Bed 
887081 (4 plants)Aechmea weilbachii BromeliaceaePalm Group 
010313Aechmea weilbachii BromeliaceaeUpper Fern Gully Bed 
110311 (2 plants)Aechmea weilbachii 'Rubra' BromeliaceaeRhododendron Bed 
890542 (4 plants)Aechmea weilbachii 'Rubra' BromeliaceaeTropical House - East End 
887224 (5 plants)Aechmea x marginalii BromeliaceaeNon Public Area 
872040 (2 plants)Aechmea x mirlo 'Variegata' BromeliaceaeTropical House - East End 
887948Ananas comosus 'Variegatus'Variegated Pineapple BromeliaceaePalm Group 
887176Billbergia aff. distachia BromeliaceaeUpper Fern Gully Bed 
887156 (2 plants)Billbergia amoena BromeliaceaeRockery Bed 
517881Billbergia amoena BromeliaceaeTaxodium Bridge Bed 
890515Billbergia amoena BromeliaceaeUpper Fern Gully Bed 
010385Billbergia amoena BromeliaceaeUpper Fern Gully Bed 
010312Billbergia amoena BromeliaceaeUpper Fern Gully Bed 
887177 (7 plants)Billbergia amoena var. viridis x B.a. 'Rubra' BromeliaceaeUpper Fern Gully Bed 
887174Billbergia amoena x B.vittata BromeliaceaePalm Group 
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