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RBG Plant List - Family: Arecaceae,

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Accession No.Plant Name (click for more info)Common NameFamilyBed / Location
531531Archontophoenix cunninghamianaBangalow Palm ArecaceaeNon Public Area 
532090Archontophoenix cunninghamianaBangalow Palm ArecaceaeNon Public Area 
501264 (2 plants)Archontophoenix cunninghamianaBangalow Palm ArecaceaeNon Public Area 
532563Archontophoenix cunninghamianaBangalow Palm ArecaceaeNon Public Area 
515887 (2 plants)Archontophoenix cunninghamianaBangalow Palm ArecaceaeNorthern Border Bed 
515888Archontophoenix cunninghamianaBangalow Palm ArecaceaeNorthern Border Bed 
501201Archontophoenix cunninghamianaBangalow Palm ArecaceaeNuxia Bed 
010188 (4 plants)Archontophoenix cunninghamianaBangalow Palm ArecaceaeObservatory Lodge 
501205Archontophoenix cunninghamianaBangalow Palm ArecaceaePalm Group 
532882Archontophoenix cunninghamianaBangalow Palm ArecaceaePalm Group 
501209Archontophoenix cunninghamianaBangalow Palm ArecaceaePalm Group 
532883Archontophoenix cunninghamianaBangalow Palm ArecaceaePalm Group 
501210Archontophoenix cunninghamianaBangalow Palm ArecaceaePalm Group 
501183Archontophoenix cunninghamianaBangalow Palm ArecaceaePalm Lawn 
531826Archontophoenix cunninghamianaBangalow Palm ArecaceaePodocarpus Bed 
501198Archontophoenix cunninghamianaBangalow Palm ArecaceaeQueensland Bed 
501196Archontophoenix cunninghamianaBangalow Palm ArecaceaeQueensland Bed 
030103 (22 plants)Archontophoenix cunninghamianaBangalow Palm ArecaceaeRainforest Ruin Bed 
021080 (13 plants)Archontophoenix cunninghamianaBangalow Palm ArecaceaeRainforest Ruin Bed 
501237Archontophoenix cunninghamianaBangalow Palm ArecaceaeRhododendron Bed 
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