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RBG Plant List - Family: Agavaceae,

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Accession No.Plant Name (click for more info)Common NameFamilyBed / Location
511666Yucca giganteaFaxon Yucca AgavaceaeCottage Rockery 
511665Yucca giganteaFaxon Yucca AgavaceaeGrey Garden(South) 
532758 (2 plants)Yucca giganteaFaxon Yucca AgavaceaeHerbarium Bed 
980793 (5 plants)Yucca giganteaFaxon Yucca AgavaceaeHerbarium Bed 
519377Yucca giganteaFaxon Yucca AgavaceaeLake View Shelter Bed 
529171Yucca giganteaFaxon Yucca AgavaceaeNuxia Bed 
970361 (2 plants)Yucca giganteaFaxon Yucca AgavaceaeObservatory Cafe Bed 
511671Yucca giganteaFaxon Yucca AgavaceaeVireya Bed 
511668Yucca giganteaFaxon Yucca AgavaceaeVitex Rockery Group 
522181Yucca giganteaFaxon Yucca AgavaceaeYucca Bed 
890615 (2 plants)Yucca glaucaSoapweed AgavaceaeCalifornia Garden 
518323Yucca glaucaSoapweed AgavaceaeCalifornia Garden 
530681Yucca gloriosaMoundlily Yucca AgavaceaeActinidia Bed 
533019Yucca gloriosaMoundlily Yucca AgavaceaeAloe Bed 
532733Yucca gloriosaMoundlily Yucca AgavaceaeArid Garden 
515642Yucca gloriosaMoundlily Yucca AgavaceaeArid Garden 
522959 (2 plants)Yucca gloriosaMoundlily Yucca AgavaceaeArid Garden 
532718Yucca gloriosaMoundlily Yucca AgavaceaeArid Garden 
532822Yucca gloriosaMoundlily Yucca AgavaceaeArid Garden 
511675Yucca gloriosaMoundlily Yucca AgavaceaeCacti & Succulent Group 
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