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RBG Plant List - Bed / location: Bamboo Bed,

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Accession No.Plant Name (click for more info)Common NameFamilyBed / Location
500054Abutilon x hybridumChinese Lantern MalvaceaeBamboo Bed 
801687Acacia burkittiiSand Hill Wattle MimosaceaeBamboo Bed 
500321 (2 plants)Acer negundoBox Elder AceraceaeBamboo Bed 
500713Agapetes serpensEpiphyte Heath EricaceaeBamboo Bed 
500826Akebia quinataChocolate Vine LardizabalaceaeBamboo Bed 
500827Akebia quinataChocolate Vine LardizabalaceaeBamboo Bed 
518242Allocasuarina torulosaForest Oak CasuarinaceaeBamboo Bed 
519078 (2 plants)Alpinia sp. ZingiberaceaeBamboo Bed 
519077 (2 plants)Alpinia sp. ZingiberaceaeBamboo Bed 
501157Araucaria heterophyllaNorfolk Island Pine AraucariaceaeBamboo Bed 
511858Argyrodendron actinophyllumBlush Tulip Oak SterculiaceaeBamboo Bed 
515171 (2 plants)Arthropodium cirratumRengarenga LiliaceaeBamboo Bed 
529563Arundinaria graminea PoaceaeBamboo Bed 
514755Arundinaria linearisRyuku-chiku PoaceaeBamboo Bed 
860793 (2 plants)Arundinaria linearisRyuku-chiku PoaceaeBamboo Bed 
860796 (4 plants)Arundinaria nagashima PoaceaeBamboo Bed 
514752Arundinaria nagashima PoaceaeBamboo Bed 
840530 (6 plants)Arundinaria pygmaea PoaceaeBamboo Bed 
840531Arundinaria simoniiSimon Bamboo PoaceaeBamboo Bed 
525835Arundinaria simonii 'Variegata'Variegated Simon Bamboo PoaceaeBamboo Bed 
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Location of  Bed / location: Bamboo Bed,

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