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RBG Plant List - Bed / location: Proteaceae Bed,

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Accession No.Plant Name (click for more info)Common NameFamilyBed / Location
150305Correa backhouseana RutaceaeProteaceae Bed 
110812 (2 plants)Correa decumbensSpreading Correa RutaceaeProteaceae Bed 
840865Correa lawrenceanaMountain Correa RutaceaeProteaceae Bed 
000333 (7 plants)Correa lawrenceana var. genoensis RutaceaeProteaceae Bed 
060729Correa lawrenceana var. genoensis RutaceaeProteaceae Bed 
100692 (3 plants)Correa reflexa (prostrate red) RutaceaeProteaceae Bed 
080598 (2 plants)Crowea exalata subsp. exalataSmall Crowea RutaceaeProteaceae Bed 
080077Cyphanthera anthocercideaLarge-leaf Ray Flower SolanaceaeProteaceae Bed 
071188Darwinia citriodora 'Breeze' MyrtaceaeProteaceae Bed 
110814 (2 plants)Darwinia citriodora (prostrate)Prostrate Lemon-scented Darwinia MyrtaceaeProteaceae Bed 
950561Eidothea zoexylocarya ProteaceaeProteaceae Bed 
110782 (2 plants)Eremophila biserrata MyoporaceaeProteaceae Bed 
504551Erica erigenaMediterranean Heather EricaceaeProteaceae Bed 
504549 (2 plants)Erica erigenaMediterranean Heather EricaceaeProteaceae Bed 
504554Erica scopariaBesom Heath EricaceaeProteaceae Bed 
110787 (2 plants)Grevillea 'Scarlet Sprite' ProteaceaeProteaceae Bed 
090621 (2 plants)Grevillea alpinaMountain Grevillea ProteaceaeProteaceae Bed 
080188Grevillea alpinaMountain Grevillea ProteaceaeProteaceae Bed 
050274 (2 plants)Grevillea alpinaMountain Grevillea ProteaceaeProteaceae Bed 
905246Grevillea alpinaMountain Grevillea ProteaceaeProteaceae Bed 
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Location of  Bed / location: Proteaceae Bed,

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