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RBG Plant List - Bed / location: Staff Car Park,

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Accession No.Plant Name (click for more info)Common NameFamilyBed / Location
801697Acacia ancepsPort Lincoln Wattle MimosaceaeStaff Car Park 
801699 (2 plants)Acacia argyrophyllaSilver Mulga MimosaceaeStaff Car Park 
801656 (2 plants)Acacia ligulataSmall Cooba MimosaceaeStaff Car Park 
801682Acacia spinescensSpiny Wattle MimosaceaeStaff Car Park 
521439Banksia sp. ProteaceaeStaff Car Park 
801013Bauera rubioidesRiver Rose CunoniaceaeStaff Car Park 
791906Bossiaea rhombifoliaAppressed Bossiaea FabaceaeStaff Car Park 
810852Calytrix tetragonaCommon Fringe-myrtle MyrtaceaeStaff Car Park 
521442Coprosma sp. RubiaceaeStaff Car Park 
521421Correa sp. RutaceaeStaff Car Park 
529705Corymbia calophyllaMarri MyrtaceaeStaff Car Park 
791137Corymbia calophyllaMarri MyrtaceaeStaff Car Park 
528140Corymbia citriodoraLemon Scented Gum MyrtaceaeStaff Car Park 
521448Cyathea cooperiStraw Tree Fern CyatheaceaeStaff Car Park 
521440Elaeagnus sp. ElaeagnaceaeStaff Car Park 
518124Erica canaliculataChristmas Heather EricaceaeStaff Car Park 
504782Eucalyptus pulchellaWhite Peppermint MyrtaceaeStaff Car Park 
521417Hebe sp. ScrophulariaceaeStaff Car Park 
812709Kennedia sp. FabaceaeStaff Car Park 
506695Leptospermum scopariumBroom Teatree MyrtaceaeStaff Car Park 
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Location of  Bed / location: Staff Car Park,

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