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RBG Plant List - Bed / location: Guilfoyle's Volcano Bed,

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Accession No.Plant Name (click for more info)Common NameFamilyBed / Location
070807 (2 plants)Dudleya brittonii CrassulaceaeGuilfoyle's Volcano Bed 
090040 (3 plants)Echeveria 'Baron Bold' CrassulaceaeGuilfoyle's Volcano Bed 
090042Echeveria 'Black Prince' CrassulaceaeGuilfoyle's Volcano Bed 
081327 (2 plants)Echeveria 'Katella' CrassulaceaeGuilfoyle's Volcano Bed 
090041 (2 plants)Echeveria 'Mauna Loa' CrassulaceaeGuilfoyle's Volcano Bed 
090043Echeveria 'Zorro' CrassulaceaeGuilfoyle's Volcano Bed 
090044 (2 plants)Echeveria runyonii 'Topsy Turvy' CrassulaceaeGuilfoyle's Volcano Bed 
091072 (14 plants)Echinocactus grusoniiGolden Barrel Cactus CactaceaeGuilfoyle's Volcano Bed 
090738 (5 plants)Echinopsis pachanoi CactaceaeGuilfoyle's Volcano Bed 
081326 (2 plants)Echinopsis spachianaTorch Cactus CactaceaeGuilfoyle's Volcano Bed 
091077 (4 plants)Enchylaena tomentosaRuby Saltbush ChenopodiaceaeGuilfoyle's Volcano Bed 
091107 (3 plants)Eremophila glabra (prostrate) MyoporaceaeGuilfoyle's Volcano Bed 
091108Eremophila glabra (red) MyoporaceaeGuilfoyle's Volcano Bed 
140046Eremophila polycladaTwiggy Emu Bush MyoporaceaeGuilfoyle's Volcano Bed 
140060Eucalyptus aff. conspicua MyrtaceaeGuilfoyle's Volcano Bed 
140055Eucalyptus cyanophyllaBlue-leaved Mallee MyrtaceaeGuilfoyle's Volcano Bed 
140291Eucalyptus pauciflora subsp. hedraia MyrtaceaeGuilfoyle's Volcano Bed 
504793Eucalyptus rudisMoitch MyrtaceaeGuilfoyle's Volcano Bed 
091106 (5 plants)Eucalyptus victrix MyrtaceaeGuilfoyle's Volcano Bed 
081325Euphorbia aeruginosa EuphorbiaceaeGuilfoyle's Volcano Bed 
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Location of  Bed / location: Guilfoyle's Volcano Bed,

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