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RBG Plant List - Bed / location: Rockery Bed,

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Accession No.Plant Name (click for more info)Common NameFamilyBed / Location
516618Caesalpinia spinosaTara CaesalpiniaceaeRockery Bed 
522368Callicarpa giraldii var. giraldii VerbenaceaeRockery Bed 
090828 (2 plants)Callistemon pearsoniiRainbow Bottlebrush MyrtaceaeRockery Bed 
990438Calluna vulgarisScottish Heather EricaceaeRockery Bed 
000489Calocedrus formosana CupressaceaeRockery Bed 
061092 (2 plants)Calothamnus quadrifidusOne-sided Bottlebrush MyrtaceaeRockery Bed 
960660Calpurnia aureaEast African Laburnum FabaceaeRockery Bed 
502267Carpinus sp. BetulaceaeRockery Bed 
090201Ceanothus 'Blue Cushion' RhamnaceaeRockery Bed 
502391Ceratonia siliquaCarob CaesalpiniaceaeRockery Bed 
514971Chamaecyparis sp. CupressaceaeRockery Bed 
514972Chamaecyparis sp. CupressaceaeRockery Bed 
514970Chamaecyparis sp. CupressaceaeRockery Bed 
911817 (2 plants)Choisya ternataMexican Orange RutaceaeRockery Bed 
070888 (2 plants)Chrysocephalum apiculatumCommon Everlasting AsteraceaeRockery Bed 
061095 (2 plants)Chrysocephalum apiculatumCommon Everlasting AsteraceaeRockery Bed 
514749 (3 plants)Clivia miniataBush Lily LiliaceaeRockery Bed 
532858Cordyline australisCabbage Tree AgavaceaeRockery Bed 
503167Cordyline australisCabbage Tree AgavaceaeRockery Bed 
532859 (3 plants)Cordyline australisCabbage Tree AgavaceaeRockery Bed 
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Location of  Bed / location: Rockery Bed,

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