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RBG Plant List - Bed / location: Central Lawn,

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Accession No.Plant Name (click for more info)Common NameFamilyBed / Location
070217Acacia caerulescensBuchan Blue Wattle MimosaceaeCentral Lawn 
000748Acacia melanoxylonBlackwood MimosaceaeCentral Lawn 
523458Acer negundo 'Aureovariegatum' AceraceaeCentral Lawn 
500526Aesculus x hybrida HippocastanaceaeCentral Lawn 
130587Agathis atropurpureaBlack Kauri Pine AraucariaceaeCentral Lawn 
080362Araucaria araucanaMonkey Puzzle AraucariaceaeCentral Lawn 
501112Araucaria bidwilliiBunya Pine AraucariaceaeCentral Lawn 
501440Backhousia myrtifoliaGrey Myrtle MyrtaceaeCentral Lawn 
523769Betula pendula 'Dalecarlica'Cut-leaf Silver Birch BetulaceaeCentral Lawn 
502018Callistemon sieberiRiver Bottlebrush MyrtaceaeCentral Lawn 
040559Cedrus brevifoliaCyprus Cedar PinaceaeCentral Lawn 
502606Chamaerops humilisDwarf Fan Palm ArecaceaeCentral Lawn 
505370Grevillea robustaSilky Oak ProteaceaeCentral Lawn 
506930Liquidambar orientalisOriental Sweet Gum HamamelidaceaeCentral Lawn 
506971Livistona australisCabbage Fan Palm ArecaceaeCentral Lawn 
507263Lophostemon confertusBrush Box MyrtaceaeCentral Lawn 
507499Melaleuca styphelioidesPrickly-leaved Paper-bark MyrtaceaeCentral Lawn 
529199Phoenix dactyliferaDate Palm ArecaceaeCentral Lawn 
508202Phoenix dactyliferaDate Palm ArecaceaeCentral Lawn 
514213Phoenix pusillaCeylon Date Palm ArecaceaeCentral Lawn 
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Location of  Bed / location: Central Lawn,

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