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RBG Plant List - Bed / location: Triangle Bed,

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Accession No.Plant Name (click for more info)Common NameFamilyBed / Location
532027Abelia parvifolia CaprifoliaceaeTriangle Bed 
511751Abelia x grandifloraGlossy Abelia CaprifoliaceaeTriangle Bed 
120483Aesculus californicaBuckeye HippocastanaceaeTriangle Bed 
522311Aesculus glabraTexas Buckeye HippocastanaceaeTriangle Bed 
532024Agapanthus (Argenteus Vittatus)Small African Star-lily LiliaceaeTriangle Bed 
532029Agave attenuata AgavaceaeTriangle Bed 
500833Alberta magnaMountain Alberta RubiaceaeTriangle Bed 
500954 (5 plants)Aloe sp. AloeaceaeTriangle Bed 
110628 (2 plants)Alyogyne huegelii 'West Coast Gem' MalvaceaeTriangle Bed 
532095Alyogyne huegelii (White Form)Lilac Hibiscus MalvaceaeTriangle Bed 
501583Berberis atrocarpaBlack-fruited Barberry BerberidaceaeTriangle Bed 
501579Berberis prattii BerberidaceaeTriangle Bed 
532028Bergenia crassifolia SaxifragaceaeTriangle Bed 
923524Buddleja sp. BuddlejaceaeTriangle Bed 
515755Calliandra tweediiMexican Flamebush MimosaceaeTriangle Bed 
501977Calliandra tweediiMexican Flamebush MimosaceaeTriangle Bed 
502071 (2 plants)Calycanthus occidentalisSpice Bush CalycanthaceaeTriangle Bed 
532032Canna x generalisCanna CannaceaeTriangle Bed 
502255Carissa spinarum ApocynaceaeTriangle Bed 
520502Ceratostigma willmottianumChinese Plumbago PlumbaginaceaeTriangle Bed 
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Location of  Bed / location: Triangle Bed,

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