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RBG Plant List - Bed / location: Tea Rooms Group,

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Accession No.Plant Name (click for more info)Common NameFamilyBed / Location
951617 (4 plants)Aeonium 'Zwartkop' CrassulaceaeTea Rooms Group 
519026Agave geminiflora AgavaceaeTea Rooms Group 
519024Agave geminiflora AgavaceaeTea Rooms Group 
522083Agave geminiflora AgavaceaeTea Rooms Group 
519025Agave geminiflora AgavaceaeTea Rooms Group 
120244 (2 plants)Aloe castanea AloeaceaeTea Rooms Group 
120467 (2 plants)Beschorneria yuccoidesMexican Lily AgavaceaeTea Rooms Group 
532042Billbergia vittata BromeliaceaeTea Rooms Group 
120546 (3 plants)Calamagrostis x acutiflora 'Karl Foerster' PoaceaeTea Rooms Group 
120547 (3 plants)Canna aff. indica CannaceaeTea Rooms Group 
120629 (3 plants)Celtica gigantea PoaceaeTea Rooms Group 
120667 (2 plants)Ceratostigma willmottianumChinese Plumbago PlumbaginaceaeTea Rooms Group 
120636 (2 plants)Chrysocephalum apiculatumCommon Everlasting AsteraceaeTea Rooms Group 
150088Chrysocephalum apiculatumCommon Everlasting AsteraceaeTea Rooms Group 
120894Chrysocephalum apiculatumCommon Everlasting AsteraceaeTea Rooms Group 
150101Chrysocephalum apiculatumCommon Everlasting AsteraceaeTea Rooms Group 
502859Clytostoma callistegioidesArgentine Trumpet Vine BignoniaceaeTea Rooms Group 
522495Clytostoma callistegioidesArgentine Trumpet Vine BignoniaceaeTea Rooms Group 
991124Combretum indicumRangoon Creeper CombretaceaeTea Rooms Group 
130742 (3 plants)Cotyledon orbiculata var. oblongaSilver Crown or Ruffles CrassulaceaeTea Rooms Group 
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Location of  Bed / location: Tea Rooms Group,

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