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RBG Plant List - Bed / location: Australian Bed,

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Accession No.Plant Name (click for more info)Common NameFamilyBed / Location
515411Acronychia oblongifoliaYellowwood RutaceaeAustralian Bed 
881420 (5 plants)Acrotriche divaricataTall Acritriche EpacridaceaeAustralian Bed 
090680Adenanthos sericeusWoolly Bush ProteaceaeAustralian Bed 
500810Agonis hypericifoliaPeppermints MyrtaceaeAustralian Bed 
500811Agonis hypericifoliaPeppermints MyrtaceaeAustralian Bed 
500812Agonis marginataArnica MyrtaceaeAustralian Bed 
530167Akania bidwilliiTurnipwood AkaniaceaeAustralian Bed 
531074 (2 plants)Alectryon sp. SapindaceaeAustralian Bed 
500852Alectryon subcinereusSmooth Ramboutan SapindaceaeAustralian Bed 
500853Alectryon tomentosus SapindaceaeAustralian Bed 
071103 (3 plants)Allocasuarina grampiana CasuarinaceaeAustralian Bed 
515285Allocasuarina littoralisBlack Sheoak CasuarinaceaeAustralian Bed 
892005Allocasuarina littoralisBlack Sheoak CasuarinaceaeAustralian Bed 
080648 (4 plants)Allocasuarina paradoxa CasuarinaceaeAustralian Bed 
071028 (3 plants)Allocasuarina pusillaDwarf Sheoak CasuarinaceaeAustralian Bed 
531073 (3 plants)Allocasuarina sp. CasuarinaceaeAustralian Bed 
502316Allocasuarina torulosaForest Oak CasuarinaceaeAustralian Bed 
501001Alphitonia excelsaRed Ash RhamnaceaeAustralian Bed 
820932Alpinia caeruleaNative Ginger ZingiberaceaeAustralian Bed 
528154Alyxia ruscifoliaNative Holly ApocynaceaeAustralian Bed 
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Location of  Bed / location: Australian Bed,

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