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RBG Plant List - Bed / location: California Garden,

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Accession No.Plant Name (click for more info)Common NameFamilyBed / Location
911710Bloomeria croceaGolden Stars LiliaceaeCalifornia Garden 
020454Bloomeria croceaGolden Stars LiliaceaeCalifornia Garden 
921852Bloomeria crocea var. aurea LiliaceaeCalifornia Garden 
911712Bloomeria humilis LiliaceaeCalifornia Garden 
921847Brodiaea californica LiliaceaeCalifornia Garden 
020467 (3 plants)Brodiaea californica LiliaceaeCalifornia Garden 
020455 (3 plants)Brodiaea coronariaHarvest Brodiaea LiliaceaeCalifornia Garden 
020470 (5 plants)Brodiaea elegans LiliaceaeCalifornia Garden 
911711Brodiaea elegans LiliaceaeCalifornia Garden 
911660Brodiaea kinkiensisSan clemente island cluster-lily LiliaceaeCalifornia Garden 
020465 (3 plants)Brodiaea kinkiensisSan clemente island cluster-lily LiliaceaeCalifornia Garden 
921848Brodiaea minor LiliaceaeCalifornia Garden 
020462 (3 plants)Brodiaea orcuttii LiliaceaeCalifornia Garden 
921849Brodiaea stellaris LiliaceaeCalifornia Garden 
887898Brodiaea terrestris LiliaceaeCalifornia Garden 
911672Brodiaea volubilis LiliaceaeCalifornia Garden 
690342Buddleja tucumanensis BuddlejaceaeCalifornia Garden 
020459 (3 plants)Calochortus uniflorus LiliaceaeCalifornia Garden 
922736 (6 plants)Calycanthus occidentalisSpice Bush CalycanthaceaeCalifornia Garden 
515652 (3 plants)Camassia sp. aff. quamash LiliaceaeCalifornia Garden 
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Location of  Bed / location: California Garden,

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